D.A. Collins Family of Companies build the structures that connect and bolster our country with a distinct focus on quality, innovation, and safety. We lead with those values, too. From our leadership to the job site, our focus on teamwork ensures we are all held accountable, and meet the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Our Commitment

We expect every member of our team to be a leader in quality, innovative practices, and safety, so we help get them there. Our on-site training and DAC University programs create skilled site persons, safety-conscious leaders, and future superintendents, site managers, and project management.


David Collins


D.A. Collins Companies

“Family is everything.”

As our “Supreme Leader,” Dave brings humor and heart to his position as President and CEO. “Family” is part of our company’s core values not just because David is a 3rd generation owner, but mainly because of his approach to leadership. David has a deep commitment to family and community, which is reflected in the company culture, from leadership to field staff. He is an active member of the team and embodies the collaborative, hands-on work environment he has created in his time as President.

“I don’t view this as my company. While it may be true on paper, the reality is that this is our company, your company. I am just a steward trying to do the best for the next generation to make the company a little bit better.”

David graduated from Siena College in Albany, NY.

Peter Fitzgerald

Chief Strategy Officer

D.A. Collins Companies

“Strategy, vision, financial development, and how we treat our people are the keys to our long-term success.”

With more than 15 years of experience, Peter is well-versed in the industry’s ups and downs. Experiencing those changes, he leads our business to success through strategy formulation and management while ensuring our goals align with our mission. Maintaining business growth through a commitment to each member of our team is no easy feat, but Peter does it with ease.

In his additional role as Vice President of our Materials Division (Pallette Stone Corp., Jointa Galusha, LLC., and Jointa Lime Company), Peter oversees day-to-day and strategic operations at our plants and quarries. Peter is an avid hockey player with short stints in professional hockey but now spends most of his time with his wife raising their 3 young children.

Peter has received a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Geneseo, and a master’s degree from Union College, in Schenectady, NY.

John Sheeran, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

D.A. Collins Companies

“To flex and grow while keeping your eyes on the goal.”

Working with our company’s leadership and accounting teams, John brings more than 35 years of experience to his work. While not directly involved in construction projects, like the rest of our team, John finds the industry to be the most interesting, with new challenges and opportunities for growth every day.

In his role, he manages the complete financial picture of our family of companies, with a specific focus on ensuring that we can support and empower each member of the team. Even for a large company, John says he enjoys working at the D.A. Collins Family of Companies because it’s family-owned, and it feels that way.

John graduated from Siena College in Albany, NY.

Michael Dunn

Chief Construction Officer

D.A. Collins Companies

“Unifying talent. Crafting our long-term goals, and communicating clearly across our vertical and horizontal chains of command unlock our potential for success and growth”

As Chief Construction Officer, Michael provides overall leadership to our construction operations and directs the planning, practices, procedures, and personnel involved. In his 33 years in the industry, he has worked in all leadership levels, and has and takes pride in empowering and building diverse teams along the way. In addition, Michael works to help potential, and current employees see that their skillsets are needed in the industry with many projects and differing scopes.

Aside from his passion for construction, Michael loves to learn, enjoys all sports and is an avid music fan of all genres. Mike also actively supports several local charities and youth organizations throughout the Capital Region.

Michael graduated from University at Albany in Albany, NY.

Karen D’Andrea, Esq.

Legal Counsel

D.A. Collins Companies

“You achieve excellence by practicing excellence.”

As our In-House Counsel, Corporate Compliance, Chief People Officer, and Chief EEO Officer, Karen provides on-site services to minimize legal and operational risks. She provides general legal and strategic advice and also manages outside counsel and consultants both in and outside of litigation and manages project-specific and corporate matters requiring legal review. She examines and negotiates contracts, subcontracts and other legal documents, conducts legal and best practices business trainings, and serves as DAC’s chief ethics and compliance officer.

When asked what she enjoys most about the D.A. Collins Companies, she said, “Because it’s an awesome place. It is full of wildly talented people who care about what they do…which is challenging and exciting all at the same time.” “You get to be a part of something that impacts everyone’s lives.”

Karen received her Juris Doctor from New York Law School, and is admitted in NY and VT, US District Court – Northern District, US Court of Appeals – 2nd Circuit, and the US Supreme Court.

Karen lives by the words of: “There is a solution to every challenge.”

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