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The D.A. Collins Companies’ Equipment Maintenance Facility works hand-in-hand with our construction and aggregate divisions, providing equipment maintenance, transportation, and machine operation.

Not only do we offer on-site operational support, transportation of equipment, and complete erection and dismantling services, but we also provide outside crane rentals.

The D.A. Collins Companies Crane Services maintains a small fleet of cranes landing from 65-ton RT to 275-ton truck cranes, as well as crawler cranes. We also offer a large inventory of rigging equipment, and qualified personnel to assist with rigging if needed.

Like the rest of the D.A Collins Companies team, our qualified, experienced operators prioritize safety above all else. Every operator is licensed by the New York State Department of Labor and recertified every five years, in accordance with state law. Additionally, our crane inspectors are certified bi-annually through the Crane Institute of America in Orlando, FL.

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65-ton RT

275-Ton Truck Cranes

Crawler Cranes

Birds-eye view of Crane services shop during the day


The D.A. Collins Family of Companies’ Equipment Service Department provides our construction companies and the materials division with equipment, small tools, maintenance and repair, and welding services with an emphasis on safety, integrity, communication, and efficiency.

The Equipment Service Department, known around the organization as “the shop,” manages a fleet of over 600 pieces of construction, mining, and support equipment. They also procure and service more than 500 rental pieces annually.

Additionally, the shop manages the tool yard and warehouse, and services hundreds of pieces of heavy machinery in our 40,000-square-foot facility and on-site.

Utilizing high-end equipment such as band saws, ironworker stations, tube benders, and a custom burn table, the custom fabrication team regularly produces parts and mechanical assemblies for our fleet of heavy equipment.

This industry-leading team has the experience, tools, and facility to tackle any task and support our growing companies.

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