After decades of completing large-scale site development projects and in response to the growing need for site remediation, we established D.A. Collins Environmental Services.

The D.A. Collins team is able to resolve environmental concerns through stabilization, treatment, and/or contaminant removal at Superfund sites, Brownfields, landfills, and other industrial sites.


  • MGP and PCB remediation
  • Soil and sediment stabilization
  • Excavation and earthmoving
  • Sheeting and shoring
  • Dredging and capping
  • Wetland remediation
  • Mobile water treatment
  • Landfill construction and capping
  • Marine construction
  • Materials processing


Our experience with soil and sediment remediation benefits site owners and the community.

With the safety of our team and the community at the forefront, we take an innovative, strategic approach to how we manage and dispose of contaminated material.


We’re able to provide the best-suited solutions for each project. Our field team and engineers work with owners through each stage, from planning and design through construction to build the best remedial solution.

Considering the site and geotechnical conditions, regulatory requirements, and owner goals, each project is approached with the ultimate goal of decommissioning repurposing previously disregarded property.

Additionally, we operate and manage our dedicated fleet to provide cost-effective transportation and off-site disposal of contaminants.


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