Construction Season Preparations Underway – New Season, New Opportunities

Construction Season Preparations Underway – New Season, New Opportunities

A sure sign that spring has arrived is when the phones in our Materials Division begin to ring off the hook!

In anticipation of the upcoming construction season, we just wrapped up annual winter maintenance on our plants to ensure we’re ready for you.

While our Concrete, Precast, Trucking, Stone, and Sand operations remained open this winter, we’re excited to re-open our four asphalt plants for the season on April 5th.

But before roads can be paved, any new potholes that have popped up this winter need to be fixed.

Pallette Stone Corp. switched to GreenPatch® several years ago. Unlike traditional cold-patch, GreenPatch® is a permanent repair option and is a more environmentally safe product, with no toxic VOCs.

Just remove any debris from the pothole, fill it with GreenPatch®, tamp it down, and you’re ready for paving.

As an organization, we supply material to a wide range of customers, and we pride ourselves on understanding their vastly different needs. We also have a fleet of triaxles, flowboys, and dump trailers ready to move material.

Our quarries are made up of a complex system of crushers, screens, and conveyors producing material to feed our concrete and asphalt plants as well as supplying our customers.

We also use our own concrete to make a wide variety of precast products.

One such product is our Specialty Storage Tank, specifically designed to tackle mounting concerns surrounding traditional septic tank leakage into lakes and streams. Our watertight tank is a great option for septic projects near lakes, rivers, and streams. Call Andrew in Precast for more details at 518-584-5891.

From municipalities, heavy bridge and highway contractors, and excavators to residential customers, our Materials Division is poised for success, no matter the material type or quantity.

Our sales team is ready to assist you with your upcoming projects; give us a call for details on any of our products and services, 518-584-2421.