New From the Precast Plant at Pallette Stone

New From the Precast Plant at Pallette Stone

The precast plant at Pallette Stone, a D.A. Collins Company, is an NYSDOT & NPCA-approved manufacturer.

We produce many different structures for various construction projects, from underground utility vaults for electrical, storm, and sanitary uses to some above-grade products.

Precast has many benefits versus cast-in-place concrete. Because it is produced under strict QC/QA guidelines in a controlled environment, our experts are able to manage almost all variables of the manufacturing process.

Production is also safer and more affordable than traditional site-cast concrete.

We have recently designed, developed, and patented a specialty storage tank with homeowners and businesses in mind. Available for many different applications, the tank has a single molded plastic tank encased in a 5000 psi steel-reinforced concrete shell.

Once this unit is cast, it now has negative buoyancy, a load rating that meets AASHTO’s HS20-44 Live load, and the possibility of in/exfiltration is nonexistent thanks to the help of the internal tank. This makes it an ideal solution in areas with high water tables.

It is also a great option for areas without space for traditional septic systems.

Our precast storage tank can be used for many situations, including as a septic tank, holding tank, pump tank, grease trap, or oil/water separator. Contact the precast team at Pallette Stone today at 518-584-2421.