Safety: a FOCUS on responsibility, communication, and planning

Safety: a FOCUS on responsibility, communication, and planning

Safety is one of our core company values. Every day we work to provide employees, owners, and contractors with a safe and healthy environment.

In early 2020, we asked everyone to FOCUS on responsibility, communication, and planning. Even with the unexpected challenges that the last year presented, our team came together.

This year we continue those same commitments.

Ensuring the safety of our team members, who cover thousands of miles in a lifetime as they maintain our roads is essential. On all of our projects, we focus on the safety of our internal team, our partners, and the traveling public by fostering and encouraging safe behaviors both on and off-site.

All employees participate in the D.A. Collins Companies Corporate Safety Program, which includes:

  • ongoing training and certifications,
  • continuing education,
  • incentive programs,
  • thorough planning,
  • and constant communication.

By requiring every employee’s participation in the program, our company culture has come to embody these safety-first practices.

Teamwork is the Backbone of Safety

In developing our safety program, we focused on the role of effective teamwork and communication as a means to prevent injuries.

The success of this program is carried out by the collective behaviors of us all, as a focus on personal safety improves safety for coworkers as well.

Beyond our steadfast commitment to safety, 2020 pushed us all to approach health and safety in new ways. This can be especially challenging in what has traditionally been a face-to-face, relationship-driven industry, yet we pulled through.

No matter what we faced — from everchanging government mandates to depleted resources — our teams went all-in, successfully adapting to the changes and working towards the common goal of safe project execution.

Safety Outside the Workplace

While we remain committed to safety on and off the job site, we ask that you help us do our jobs safely. It is easy to overlook the work our dedicated professionals perform daily, but the improvement and quality of our roadways depend on them.

As we drive into work zones please remember to slow down and pay attention.

We’re poised for another great construction season in 2021. Let’s work hard, stay safe, and remember to look out for one another and get home safely.