Middlebury Bridge and Rail Project

Middlebury Bridge and Rail Project

Middlebury, Vermont


Objective: Completed Rail Tunnel

Project Scope:

This CMGC project was created with an overall project goal to upgrade and revitalize the freight and passenger rail capabilities between Rutland and Burlington, Vermont. KCC side by side with designer, VHB, and VAOT jointly planned, resourced, designed, estimated, and executed the removal and replacement of 3500 LF of rail within the City of Middlebury. This included replacing both Main and Merchant’s Row bridges and lowering the elevation of rail through the installation of a precast tunnel all through accelerated construction during a 10-week shutdown period.

The final contract included completion of extensive SOE of over 10,000 LF of mini piles, 30,000 SF of lagging, 2700 LF of tie backs, shotcrete, soil nails, and sheeting that allowed 28,600 CY cut in the existing rail corridor. Blasting was performed within the shutdown period to remove the large amount of bed rock and an extensive amount of contaminated soils were removed and disposed of as well. 1733 LF of precast U-wall and tunnel section made up of 422 pieces of precast were set into place, backfilled, and new railroad rail was placed back into operations in under 10 weeks. Other work performed during the shutdown included new full depth reconstruction of the surrounding roads, installation of 2 new bridge decks with cast in place parapets, and the installation of new surrounding sidewalks. Completion of the project later included the installation of a very large landscaping package including tree cells, plantings, pavers, fountain, light poles and electrical supply, as well as other architectural finishes.


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