Eisenhower Locks – Mooring Guidance System

Eisenhower Locks – Mooring Guidance System

Massena, NY


Objective: Construction of hands-free mooring guidance system

Project Scope:

Utilizing accelerated construction methods over a 24/7 work schedule, KCC completed this for the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. during a 12-week winter shutdown period of the seaway locks.

Three (75’ x 22’ x 6’6”) slots were demolished out of the sidewall of the Eisenhower Lock to accept the installation of extensive reinforcement along with rails to support the HFM system, all of which were poured back in place. Rails were picked and set within a 1/16” tolerance to function properly with the system and all concrete poured in place was also held to extremely tight tolerances.

Due to extreme cold temperatures during the shutdown period, temporary platforms with 86’ scaffold towers had to be built at each slot for not only accessing the work but also to create an enclosure for heat to properly cure the mass concrete.

Other work included the installation of a cast-in-place plinth with anchor bolts to accept the HFM Mechanical System (installed under a follow-on contract).


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