Superfund Site in Massachusetts

Superfund Site in Massachusetts

Middlesex County, Massachusetts


Objective: Remediation of ammonia and arsenic-contaminated soils and sediment at the Superfund Site in and around the Halls Brook Holding Area Pond in Woburn, MA.


Initial activities included mobilization and setup of staging areas—site clearing, roadway construction, installation of erosion and sedimentation controls, and construction of a material staging and water treatment pad with a dewatering effluent treatment system.


Project scope:

  • Installation of a permeable cap over partial acreage.
  • Construction of a temporary pond outlet structure and brook diversion for the installation of steel sheeting to create a bypass channel, base flow culvert, cofferdam with a weir, and pond outlet culvert.
  • Excavation and management of ammonia and arsenic impacted soils for offsite transportation and disposal.
  • Dredging approximately 17,000 cubic yards of ammonia and arsenic impacted pond sediment.
  • Amending and management of the sediment for offsite transportation and disposal
  • Wetland mitigation and site restoration.


Soil & Sediment Stabilization

Excavation & Earthwork

Sheeting & Shoring

Dredging & Capping

Wetland Remediation

Mobile Water Treatment

Landfill Construction & Capping

Marine Construction

Materials Processing


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