WSI Potsdam Remediation

WSI Potsdam Remediation

St. Lawrence County, New York


Objective: PCB remediation

The project consists of the excavation of approximately 8,000 CY of TSCA material and 14,000 CY of non-TSCA material, removed from designated on-site and off-site impacts.

All TSCA soils are managed and shipped via rail car for final disposition at an approved landfill. Non-TSCA soils are amended and placed in an on-site consolidation area (OCA) which will be capped with a final soil cover placed over the excavated material.

An existing storm water culvert was abandoned in place and replaced with a new 30” HDPE storm water culvert. The new culvert line was also utilized as part of a temporary water bypass system diverting flow from a 5-acre off-site wetland area scheduled for removal of impacted sediment.

Upon completion of all impacted soil and sediment removal, on-site areas are backfilled followed by restoration of both the upland areas and the 5-acre wetland. Final tasks will include sitewide (~13 acres) soil cover with 18” of fill and 6” of topsoil, and all areas will be seeded. The wetlands area will be seeded, with new native plantings installed, and the site will be fenced to incorporate institutional controls.

Key Services performed: PCB, soil and sediment, excavation and earthwork wetland remediation, mobile water treatment, landfill, materials processing


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