Stillman Pond Remediation

Stillman Pond Remediation

Fairfield County, Connecticut


Objective: Remediation and containment of impacted soil and water


The Bridgeport/Stillman Pond project was a 20-month multi-phased remediation project that includes upland earthwork, brook remediation and restoration, pond dredging and backfill, and the construction of an on-site containment cell.

This project was performed as part of a site redevelopment plan and is located in close proximity to residential neighborhoods and directly adjacent to the new construction of the Bridgeport City School. The site encompassed over 59 acres and included three (3) small brooks, a 5-acre pond (Stillman Pond), and a small concrete-covered earthen dam.

Key Services Performed: PCB, Soil and Sediment stabilization, excavation and earthwork, sheeting, and shoring, dredging and capping, mobile water treatment, Wetland, Landfill construction and capping, marine construction, materials processing


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