Granville Former MGP

Granville Former MGP

Washington County, New York


A 14-acre MGP cleanup project in Granville, New York. A substantial portion of this multi-phased MGP remediation was to perform in-situ soil mixing of the coal tar contaminated soils to a clay or rock bottom approximately 14-20’ below the existing surface. DAC’s subcontractor provided two 220-ton crawler cranes outfitted with 10ft.-diameter vertical mixing augers, plus a grout plant capable of supplying Portland Cement grout to both cranes. Multiple crews soil mixed 42,000 CY of various site soils, encapsulating the contaminated soil in a permanent subsurface concrete monolith. DACE supported this operation with multiple excavator crews, assisting with moving these large cranes throughout the site and managing excess grout swell and drilling spoils.


Soil & Sediment Stabilization

Excavation & Earthwork

Sheeting & Shoring

Dredging & Capping

Wetland Remediation

Mobile Water Treatment

Materials Processing


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