CR113 Bridge over the Batten Kill

CR113 Bridge over the Batten Kill

Greenwich, NY



Construction of new three-arch span bridge over the Batten Kill (Battenkill River) plus expansion of the roadway and addition of pedestrian sidewalk.


Project Scope:

The original structure was constructed in 1915 and was in dire need of replacement due to the narrow roadway and deteriorating concrete.

The initial challenges that KCC faced on this project involved working from a stone causeway in the Batten Kill throughout the project as well as designing and constructing a 330-foot span temporary bridge across the river to support a natural gas main. KCC removed the existing bridge using a multiprocessor and hoe ram to demolish over 1,200 cubic yards of concrete in less than two weeks.

This project consisted of three spans of precast concrete arches supporting headwalls and roadway. The structure of the new bridge includes over 850 cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete and required the setting of 84 pieces of precast concrete, which ranged in weight from 14 to 27 tons, for a grand total of over 1,700 cubic yards of concrete installed on the project.

The precast arch erection was completed with three Link-Belt cranes (ATC-3275, 218 HSL, and 248 HYLAB 5) working together with two at a time to set each arch section (8 pairs in each span), followed by 18 headwalls along each fascia set with a single crane. The roadway was expanded to 40’ and a sidewalk for pedestrians was added.


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