Rehabilitation of I-787 Northbound to South Mall Arterial West Bound

Rehabilitation of I-787 Northbound to South Mall Arterial West Bound

Albany County, New York


Objective: Sub-and-superstructure work, paving, and rehabilitation of bridge segments of I-787 in Albany, New York

Project Scope:

Over the course of multiple projects, D.A. Collins Construction completed the rehabilitation of numerous bridges making up the I-787 flyover and on-and-offramps. Part of this work included the main corridor, which sees an approximate AADT of 7000 cars.

Work completed includes:

  • 74,500 SF of PCC (Portland Cement Concrete) Cold Milling and replacement with ~850 CY of Class DP Concrete
  • Replacement of 18 EA steel bridge joints with 7 EA Elastomeric and 11 EA Modular Compression Joints.
  • 4 EA New Overhead Sign Structures (1 EA will sit on drilled shafts and 3 EA will be Bridge Mounted Structures).
  • Various substructure work included Structural Bridge Painting, replacement of 38 EA Bearings, ~86,000 LBS of Structural Steel Replacement, and 4,000+ SF of Class D Structural Concrete Replacement.
  • Removal of approximately 500 CY of concrete roadway slabs
  • Placement of 1,000 tons of asphalt
  • Removal of 229 LF of steel joint systems replaced with modular joint systems
  • Installation of 289 LF of compression seal for joints
  • Placement of 215 SY of accelerated concrete
  • Replacement of 97 bearings requiring structural lifting, fabrication and installation of 58 bolsters
  • Structural steel repairs
  • Substructure concrete repairs, and
  • Placement of 66,800 SF of PPC overlay.


Deck Rehabilitation

Joint Replacement

Structural Lifting

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Bearing Removal and Replacement

Structural Steel Repairs

Painting and Replacement of Overhead Sign Structures


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